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I’m a Web Systems architect/engineer/manager Specialist. Occasionally I manage to not fail at it. Still have to update a lot of sites I have and work on blah blah blah bitch bitch moan. Anyways, have lots of projects and wanted to share my learning experience and little bits I’ve learned along my journey.

Most of the time, I just post to tumblr.

Seriously, you want to know more about me but too lazy to follow the tumblog? Well, someone once told me that they think I have exactly 2 moods: happy or confused. I tend to agree with that statement though think that the latter mood is my default state.

Lastly, I’m putting the psuedo-mandatory disclaimer that shit I say comes from my mouth and doesn’t represent the views, opinion, blah blah blah of any company I’m working for yada yada. Seriously, in this day an age the law should default to “not official company media source”===”has nothing to do with the company”. /facepalm

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