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tekx stream of though on best practices tutorial.

Visualization of the "history tree" ...
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Starting off the best practices with source control @lornajane asked who is using source control and how much of that is using distributed source control. I’m 2/2 so far. woot. For those who aren’t familiar with source control, it creates a history and is a great collaboration tool.

Using source control is being discussed. You create a repository, add your project, check out your project, make changes. You can update to get changes from others then you commit it all back to the repository.

We’re looking at an svn log and will be discussing distributed vs non-distributed systems. Demonstrating a sample diff.

Source control Tool

* Subversion (svn)

* Git (git)

* Bazaar (bzr)

* Mecurial (hg)

Difference ways to interact with source control. Lorna gives a shout out for all the command line user people and is now mentioning IDE plugins, Trac, Tortoise[SVN|Git|Bzr|Hg]. I need to see if there’s a tortoiseBzr for OSX. I’m thinking of moving to Git since that gives my team more GUI tools, love Bzr but haven’t found many tools. Done with that sidebar. On to Centralized Source Control.