Announcing Bloomington PHP

Image of PHP Community from Twitter
Image of PHP Community

I’m going to be ganking some of the announcement structure from Jeremy Kendall’s Memphis PHP Announcement who apparently ganked stuff from @ramsey.

I’m proud to announce that Bloomington, Indiana now has a PHP user group. We also acknowledge the greater Central Indiana area. 😉 The goal of this organization is to take over the world help out php users, dabblers, students , and professionals in the surrounding area while encouraging an active developer community. So far we’ve garnered a decent amount of members in our google group.The amount of activity behind the scenes of the group has been awesome. Matt Hottell, a Lecturer at Indiana  University for the School of Informatics has promised to shamelessly plug notify his students of the PUG (in retrospect, I could’ve probably shortened the group name) and @_drogers has created a Bloomington Web Developers google group to include more developers in our area that work with more than just PHP. I hope to see more growth in the future and appreciate the efforts given so far. This is, after all, a community effort and I can not do this without the support of the community.

Origin Story

PHP has always been a community experience for me. From the start of learning PHP in my Informatics classes to the mentorship I received from the Resite Sproutbox team, I’ve seen just how awesome the PHP Community is. It wasn’t until last year’s php|tek that I wanted to branch that community out into the area I live in. This year’s tekx gave me that final push to put things in motion to achieve that dream. I’d like to thank @caseysoftware and @dragonbe for their help and encouragement that made this a reality.


  • Since the current members of the google group already meet every Thursday evening at The Alley Bar, I figure why break with tradition. We’ll just meet there until the time and need for selecting a quasi-formal arrangement.
  • As of right now, we’re just using the google group.
  • You can follow @bloomingtondevs for community updates and such
    • If you’re wondering about the kanji (養) that is used for the user icon, it translates to: foster; bring up; rear; develop; nurture. Edit: The romanji for it is “you”, which is pronounced “yo” with a long o.
    • If you want to be in the the bloomington php user group twitter list that I’ve made, let me know.
    • We have no hashtag, I’d like feedback. So far I’m thinking #btownphp or #bloomingtondevs

Thank you and welcome to Bloomington PHP.

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