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How much code can you generate in a day?

We are actively recruiting participants to take place in a developer event (“Dev Derby“) that pits one language against others. It is a day-long programming challenge where teams of developers work to create an application serving a real-world need. Five teams will represent different programming languages—PHP, C#, Ruby, ColdFusion, and Java—to produce a demo application that will be released as open source software.

Team Leaders for each language will review applications and select competitively balanced squads. There is no cost to enter, but spots on teams are limited. Winning teams can win prizes and all participants are eligible for discounts to other tech events taking place that week.

The Dev Derby will start and end on Saturday, September 11, 2010, in Bloomington, Indiana. It is part of The Combine (, the area’s first major technology conference, and at the start of the BFusion/BFlex conference ( Dev Derby involves an intense six-hour coding session.

Each challenge submission will be judged by knowledge leaders and representatives of the non-profit organizations benefiting from this work. The criteria spans Design (features and UI choices made), Technical Efficiency (code and performance), Communication (documentation and presentation), and Practical Value (use, adoption, and maintenance).

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the day, following a panel discussion about the development process and the future of application programming.

Dev Derby is situated in The Combine along with other technology-related events, such as Tech Cocktail, Ignite Bloomington, and a variety of of other gatherings. It is hosted by the BFusion/BFlex conference, a two-day hands-on training event from the experts of Adobe Flex and ColdFusion. Dev Derby is inspired by our experience with Startup Weekend in 2008, but with a short day of coding and focused on a specific challenge.

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