Magento Extension GitIgnore Stub

As you may or may not know, I’ve been working with Magento lately. In the past few months, one thing I’ve found that I needed is a stock .gitignore file for when making extensions. Haven’t found one so I made one on github and will also post here for anyone else in need site. I’m still relatively new at working with Magento and in someways git/github so please feel free to critique/streamline.

# replace {company} and {extension} placeholders with your information

# ignore phpstorm files

# Ignore all not in app & skin

# ignore all in js, except module files for this module

# Ignore all in app, except code & etc
# Ignore all in app/code except /local/{company}

# Ignore all in app/code/local except {company}
# use lines below if you have multiple company extensions
# and want to just commit a specific one

# Ignore all of app/etc except our specific module files

#Ignore all of app/design except for our files

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